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Over 20 years of experience raising Alberta bison with uncompromising flavour


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Depending on their age, True Grit Bison are fed the appropriate amount of minerals, hay, molasses, and oats. As they mature, the bison are on choice feed, meaning they can eat the right amount of hay and oats.


We select our butchers based on the cleanliness of their facility, expertise, and reputation. All our butchers have been approved by Alberta Health Services and regularly inspected.

Handling and Vaccinations

We handle bison in a low stress environment to review the animals’ overall health and to prevent worms using Ivomec. A happy herd is a healthy herd.

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Bison meat is full of flavour and packed with nutrients.

Bison meat has a lower fat content and a lower calorie count than beef. It is a complete protein – meaning it contains all 9 essential amino acids necessary for the human diet. Bison contains high amounts of iron, zinc and vitamin B. Additionally, bison meat has high levels of selenium – a mineral that plays a critical role for metabolic and thyroid function, and helps protect your body from damage caused by stress. 

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